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How to properly restart the Cabinet computer in case there is a fault

If the computer is still repsponding but has some "misbehaviors":

  • Login as Administrator
  • Navigate to “Setup” > "System Settings” > "Reboot"
  • After restart please make a database backup. (Setup > System > Database > Backup)

If the computer is not responding at all:

Restart the PC by pushing the restart button on the rear side, and also make a back up as soon you can login to the system.

Proper shutdown

Before shutdown the batteries should be disconnected from the power supply in order to be able to unplug the cabinet from electric power outlet. You may stop the system by accessing the "Reboot” button from the “Setup” > "System Settings” menu.  Once the central computer system shuts down and the display turns off  just unplug the cabinet.

Caution! If you do not remove the power, the safety electronics’ Watchdog circuit will restart the system.


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