Key Management • Key Cabinet • Key Storage • Key Tracking • Key Locker


  • Keys should be stored in a safe place
  • Keys should be used by right person
  • Control keys and users
  • Tracking key usages
  • Key inventory
  • Have always up-do-date information about keys


Keys are secured by locks and RFID tags. Access to keys with PIN code and/or card.

What an intelligent key management system can do for you?

  • you know exactly where your keys are
  • you know who is using the key
  • keep track of usages
  • define rights for users
  • add/remove users, cards and keys
  • users will access the keys only with permission
  • view reports
  • safe storage
  • manage keys in several buildings from a central office

Who needs key management?

  • Banks
  • Government institutions
  • Military
  • Power plants
  • Hotels, hostels, resorts
  • Conference centers
  • Universities, colleges
  • Gaming industries
  • Corporate buildings
  • Property management
  • Security companies
  • Automotive businesses
  • Car rentals & Fleet management
  • Hospitals, Healthcare facilities

and many more…


In our products we use the most advanced micro-electronic devices, equipment and developments which are high-reliability and high-tech equipment, key control systems; we are delivering them to our customers.

The systems software is fully made by Loxtore AB so we have the opportunity to meet our client’s specific and unique needs and expectations. We can serve our clients always flexibly adjusting to their needs.

We are testing the product which is made by us in our factory. Our equipment, systems and those operating hardware- and software-tools are being continuously developed

The level of the devices in the developer and producer factory is highly advanced. The manufacturing technology is complying with the required instrumentation, machinery and computer equipment as well. For our software developers are available the latest development environment, hardware and software development tools.

If the customer agree to access and technical potential are available than in this case of computer monitoring your system is monitored through a system maintained or supported key management system. Therefore the troubleshooting can be solved from distance which is greatly reducing troubleshooting in time and cost.


Areas of development

  • Key management system
  • Key tracking
  • Key cabinets
  • Key locker system
  • Intelligent storage system
  • Monitoring system
  • RFID hardware and software solutions
  • Software systems
  • Identification and tracking systems



The IQ Key management and IQ Box Storage products manufactured and supplied by Loxtore AB have 2 years fully guarantee. The guarantee covers the product internal hardware subsystems and software. Our products are ensured the long-term hardware and software support and parts supply.

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